Drop that makes a difference

You can find 23 445 kinds of lubricants for various industries.
But we will choose the only ONE you really need.

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We deliver superior lubricants

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We calculate,

when and how much will be needed

Ikona - transport

We will bring,

as much as you can really use

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We eliminate,

scrap and loss lubrication


Don't ask just for a lubricant.
Ask for the right application!

We select
suitable products

The selection of the lubricant is a just beginning of whole process. Suitable applicator can reduce the total cost of lubrication. Application of lubricant is then clean, simple and without unnecessary wastage.

Lubricants and applicators

We help you
to optimize your proces

Beside of selecting the suitable lubricant, we will also learn how to apply our products properly. We will come to you and in your workplace We will show you how to dispense grease to make your process more efficient.

How to properly lubricate

With us, everything goes smoothly

We are fast

on demand, we respond immediately

We are experienced

we have been on the market for 10 years

We are independent

so that we can select the optimal solution on the market

Do you want to know how we work?

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