We are an independent supplier
of industrial lubricants

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15 years, we care ofso that everything go smoothly

SOLUTECH is a purely Czech company, which in addition to selling specialty lubricants also offers applicators and agents for degreasing, cleaning and gluing. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia represent a significant manufacturers: Chemours, Brugarolas SA, H. COSTENOBLE GmbH. We are independent supplier - in our range of products you find 23,445 kinds of lubricants. All products have the necessary certification, we are also regularly audited by international companies.


We help you to optimize your process of lubrication.
Do you want to know how we do it?

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We keep
our stock stable

Upon your requests we respond immediately and adhere to the required delivery dates. We have a stable warehouse, the products can be sent the next day. All the goods we buy directly - and therefore we are able to supply lubricants in any volume and quantity from gram to ton. Mostly we supply products into clearly specified manufacture.

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You don't need
your own warehouse

Most of our customers have their inventory in our warehouse. How is it possible? Because we think ahead and we counted on when and how much lubricant is needed. At delivery we don´t come with whole truck, but we bring only the quantity that will be really used.

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We reduce
total costs

We deliver superior lubricants which reduce scrap and cost of waste disposal. At the same time we teach you how to apply the products accurately. We will find a solution tailored to which will reduce the frequent shutdowns for maintenance and loss lubrication. You will save, your production will be more efficient and also you easily eliminate environmental impacts.


We help global manufacturers

We cooperate with major players in the automotive, electrical, food and plastics industries as well: ŠKODA AUTO, TI Automotive Systems, VISCOFAN GROUP, MAGNA International, JOHNSON CONTROLS, WEBASTO


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