Get the maximum performance at minimum cost

Down Down

We will reduce your consumption


By adjusting your process we will minimize the scrap. Production machines will work longer without faults, plus you get a clean production space. Believe that one drop of oil on the right place will let your machine run smoothly and proper.


We have thousands of quality lubricants in our product range

Ikona - products

We offer traditional products and also HighTech lubricants with unique properties

Ikona - globe

We represent a major world producers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Ikona - náklady

For every product we have a special applicator which reduces lubricant consumption


We will teach you to lubricate effectively


We will find

the lubricant tailored to your industry, materials and manufacturing process

We will help

you to adjust your lubrication process properly

We will teach you

how to get the most of purchased lubricant


We have a comprehensive approach to lubrication.
We don´t want only to sell lubricants. We want them to be the most useful and everything went smoothly


Get the maximum performance
at minimum cost.

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