Our lubricants and applicators

We advise you the RIGHT lubricant but mainly also HOW to apply it.

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We are not just a supplier of lubricants,
we will help you optimize the entire process of lubrication.

Ikona - organize

We find

solutions tailored to manufacturing processes

Ikona - box

We deliver

superior lubricants

Ikona - can

We will teach

you how exactly use our products


You will save, your production will be more efficient
and also you easily eliminate environmental impacts.


Where we can help you

Ikona pro icon-box-Car industry
Car industry
Ikona pro icon-box-Electrical industry
Electrical industry
Ikona pro icon-box-Plastic molding
Plastic molding
Ikona pro icon-box-Food industry
Food industry
Ikona pro icon-box-Aviation industry
Aviation industry
Ikona pro icon-box-Lubricants and fluids for wind power
Lubricants and fluids for wind power

Brands we use

ASQ® Anti–squeak


Bestril series

Krytox® série GPL

OSIXO® série Anti-squeak

With whom we cooperate



H. Costenoble GmbH

What procedures we use

Automatic application

Manual application

Semi-automatic application


Do you want to cooperate with us?

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