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We will reduce your consumption!

By modifying the process, we minimize scrap in production, the machines will run longer and without failures, and you also get clean production space. Believe that a drop of the right oil in the right place can be enough for the machine to run smoothly.

Automatic application

Automatic applicators apply the lubricant in a targeted and even manner over the surface. It precisely sets the minimum required amount of lubricant and dramatically reduces its consumption.

Semi-automatic application

Semi-automatic applicators regularly dispense a minimum amount of lubricant to a precisely determined location. This saves you work and reduces the consumption of lubricants.

Manual application

Whenever you see the need to add a drop of grease to the gear and four drops to the gearbox, reach for the manual applicator.

We are not just a supplier of lubricants!
We will help you optimize the entire lubrication process.

Save money, make production more efficient, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Solutech ASQ®);

Solutech ASQ®

The Solutech ASQ® range is a complete system of liquids, greases and dry coatings designed to eliminate disturbing noise, especially in vehicle interiors  (painted plastics, leatherette, chrome parts, etc.). The whole range is fully compatible with all used plastics.

We will help you lubricate correctly

In addition to choosing suitable products, we will also teach you how to apply the products correctly. We will come to you and show you in-operation how to dispense lubricants so that the whole process is efficient.