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Solutech ASQ products

For almost 20 years we have been involved in the development and production of coating technology, which with its own properties eliminates friction on plastic, leather and textile parts used in passenger cars. The very design of these parts and the climatic conditions inside vehicles require that the solution will be as unobtrusive and odorless as possible. At the same time, due to the constant change of temperatures and the effect of sunlight, the standard lubricants used to eliminate friction in the car interior are degraded.

How ASQ technology works

Solutech ASQ technology creates a homogeneous and colorless layer on problematic parts, which smoothes the individual adjacent surfaces even in a wide range of operating temperatures and thus reduces surface tension at the molecular level. It is a permanent solution that cannot be removed with common cleaning agents throughout the life of the car. Different types of developed coatings allow to work from very low temperatures (up to -45 C). On the contrary, even at temperatures above 80 C, the coating does not degrade and remains completely stable in the structure of the treated surface. As a result, no unwanted stains remain around the application point. The inert properties of the ASQ product structure separate even small dust particles, thus extending the service life and proper function of the lubricating film.

Important features of the ASQ series

  • withstand extreme conditions (-50, + 250C)
  • they resist steam, salt water, high pressure, and dust.
  • long service life and lubricity
  • environmental friendly
  • transparent and odorless
  • it is non-greasy and non-flammable
  • ultra-thin functional layer - minimal consumption per part

Where you can use ASQ technology

Our lubricants help you solve the squeaking of many parts, such as: panoramic windows, sunblinds, roller blinds, dashboard plastic parts, door handles, center supports and storage compartments, locks, shades, door seals, seat mechanisms and covers, headlights armrests, plastic covers in the interior etc.

Využití technologie ASQ

Využití technologie ASQ

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